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After this public humiliation, would MCA still dare to claim they represent the Chinese?

After this public humiliation, would MCA still dare to claim they represent the Chinese?It amuses me greatly each time MCA claimed publicly and proudly that they represented the Chinese in Malaysia. MCA, may I ask you a simple question – when did I appoint you to represent me? See, you cannot give me an answer. Okay, never mind, you can say whatever you like. Being a blogger, I hate to suppress your freedom of speech.
MCA or the Malaysian Chinese Association was founded on February 27th 1949 by a Straits Chinese businessman called Tan Cheng Lock who was concerned with the fate of the non-Malays in the Federation of Malaya. To be fair to him, he did commanded respect and support from the people at that time because he was fighting a good cause – to get citizenship for the non- Malays. Malaysia’s first minister of finance (a very respectable position as you are literally holding the country’s purse string) was Henry H.S. Lee, a member of MCA in the 1950s.

Poor leaders
That was past. Today, MCA has reached its nadir. How can you command respect and support when you have a pornographic actor as the leader? Chua Soi Lek was caught with his pants down with a female companion and he even had the cheek to say that his biggest mistake was not using a different hotel! He was the first MCA head without a ministerial post. So much for a community leader!
Then we have Liow Tiong Lai who made a fool of himself by defending the police when they sprayed acid water at the crowd seeking shelter at Tung Shin Hospital last year during the Bersih 2.0 rally. He had forgotten that we have something called “you-tubes” and with images clearly captured, you cannot lie anymore. The whole world saw what happened on the streets of Kuala Lumpur on July 9th 2011.
Of course we also have Ng Yen Yen spending the people’s money like it was her grandfather’s. She went on many overseas trips using taxpayer’s monies on the pretext of luring more tourists to our country. Did we see more tourists in our country? Illegal immigrants, yes but foreign tourists, no.
Then recently we have Jessie Ooi marching to the front of the stage and shouting herself hoarse at Lim Guan Eng during a debate between that pornographic actor and the Chief Minister of Penang. That silly act earned her a moniker “Miss Tow Truck” and she was mercilessly grilled by thousands of Facebook users for days. We were entertained endlessly by video clips of her asking the most stupid question there ever was.
The latest fiasco saw Wee Ka Siong being booed and jeered at by a crowd of almost 10,000 protesters during a rally in Kajang yesterday. He was later chased away by the organizers and parents who were angry with him for being such an incompetent deputy education minister. The rally was held to demand a solution to the shortage of teachers in Chinese primary schools. I can imagine what a nightmare it was for this crybaby.
Thousands of protesters chanted “Resign, resign” at him while Rela men were seen forming a human shield to protect him as he was struggling to leave the place.
Do everyone a favor - disband!
Come on MCA, why are you guys and gals so thick-skinned and stubborn? Why can’t you get the message that we don’t like you at all? Can’t you understand that you are no longer relevant in our lives; that you cannot do anything positive and concrete for us?
I know you all are in MCA for business benefits and ministerial positions but where is your dignity? Don’t you have any left or you do not have any to start with? Even a beggar or a whore have more dignity than MCA, at least they do not pretend they are helping others. MCA, on the other hand, claimed they are helping the Chinese when the whole world knew they are helping no one else but themselves.
There is a common Chinese saying, “Do you know how to write the word shame?”
If you refuse to disband yourselves, perhaps we can do a big favor for you shameless fellows – we will bury you forever come the next election! What say you, Malaysians?

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