Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lynas Welcome, Population Served False Information

Truth behind the slander and lies.

That the search reached the worm hole journalist Karam Singh Walia on rigorous enough planning Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh misconstrue the Lynas chemical plant in Gebeng, Kuantan.

Everything is revealed through the disclosure of two nuclear scientists who also is a strong country students.

Follow this report.

This is the desired response PKR MPs Kuantan, Fuziah Salleh, who played with the emotions people Kuantan on the construction of chemical plants Lynas.

Perhaps the cultural and political strategies involved in order to sow the party gain support local residents.

Moreover, when the facts and valid information to scare people distorted Fuziah Kuantan on their ignorance of the factors to understand the real issues of radiation is a type of natural and not at all dangerous.

Realising that, two nuclear and one of them Santis, who is also PAS Hulu Langat MP, appear to TV3 to tell the truth.

Professor Dr. Ahmad Termizi Ramli, Radiological Safety & Health Specialist: "I think the risk is not reason to ban something. The risk must be commensurate with benefits. This is the next question. So there are risks involved with my level of radiation dose in activities such as Lynas, too low on anything to ban it.

That does not make sense, chemical factories accused Lynas Fuziah nuclear plant.

Just as the nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan was hit by radiation leaks from the tsunami early March.

Dr Che Rosli Che Mat, Nuclear Scientist / Member of Parliament PAS Hulu Langat, Selangor: "They scare people say that the Lynas ni nuclear plant when he was just the natural process of materials from the Mount Weld rare earth which is lower than if we play mines, lower in the radiation. "

Not only that, international experts and government agencies that monitor and control the construction and operation of the plant Lynas Fuziah criticized as having no credibility.

Dr Che Rosli Che Mat: "Who brought the issue of PKR ni. So I Wait for a long time and I was able to say that PAS information warning of the Honourable do not make any comments. I accept. I did not speak. But not fair. They make comments every issue Movement with the language we are not happy lah. Do Lynas as a nuclear plant? Once Dr. Mitzi appears as radiation plant is that all sorts. He spin. "

"I'm embarrassed. I am the PAS as well. So finally I made my decision as a nuclear scientist, I came today. What do they want to say, say it is."

He added, Kuantan residents need not fear the existence of chemical plants Lynas.

"So things like that accusation is not scientific, not academic at all. These accusations are like that is, its meaning in society, people should not be afraid. They could own your own look into the Lynas to see anything at all, what is built , what is the future, what facilities are there to protect workers and the public. "

Prof Dr Ahmad Termizi Ramli, Radiological Safety & Health Specialist: "The issue is not related to radiation hazards. Dangerous radiation levels are too low commensurate with the environment, equivalent to those existing in the environment. If compliance with existing regulations in the country already . Also meets international standards. "

Asked if not dangerous, why people cheated and presented false information.

"It's my ni manipulated the issue to a particular interest. So in many cases the data presented can not be defended tu scientific fact. So just dispinkan. Portrayed. The data on me sometimes false and has nothing to do ".

He also expressed his regret that if the government bowed to demands by some to stop the Lynas chemical plant operations.

"So I think sedihlah if we, the country is making a huge decision, critical to the nation based on emotion, based on propaganda and not based on science, based on the existing expertise in this country is."

Dr. Che Rosli also admitted to me Lynas is a safe chemical factory.

"Once I saw in terms of infrastructure, in terms of material I brought, my own monitor, monitor, Lynas safe. With the methods to be used and with the assistance of our nuclear agency will monitor, AELB will monitor and so on, and environment."

Assoc. Ahmad Termizi Fuziah lie denies that the Lynas was not able to plant operating in Australia because the government is not licensed.

"Lynas also a license to do this process in Australia, but the high cost. So here is the consideration of economic costs, consideration of cost effectiveness, cost effectiveness. So they choose in Malaysia because Malaysia has good infrastructure and the production cost per unit that can compete in the world market. So we selected in that context. In my view, an opportunity for win-win situation. You're a profit. "

In short, the two nuclear scientists agree Lynas chemical plant is safe to operate, the potential to bring economic growth in NSW is like from a handful of so segantang.

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